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Bolton Culture

Cultures and heritage are the most important features that differ country to country and people to people. The culture of different small areas mixes to make a prominent appearance. The culture of Bolton is also popular because of so many important places and monuments present there. When talking about the culture of Bolton it is important to learn about this city. In fact, Bolton is a town of Manchester. This town is 10 km from the main city of Manchester. The affiliation of the Manchester makes the Bolton a famous place for the tourists.

The older name of the Bolton town is Bolton le moors. The Bolton was the out post of the British army in the English local or civil war. The history of this town is amazing because during the English civil war many people were killed and taken detainee. The ground or place in the Bolton where this event was happened is known as Prince Edward destine. Among the best tourist’s attractions in the Bolton city the Town hall is very popular. Most of the areas, monuments and places in this city are related to historical events.

The Town hall is also important place where an old building is present. This building that is known as neoclassical building was built by the William hill. The neoclassical building was inaugurated by the Albert the Prince of Wales in 1873. Hope and Bradshaw extended the area of the building in 1930. No doubt the palace or neoclassical building of Prince Albert was burned in 1981 but it was developed again. The new building was named Albert hall in 1985.

The Smithills hall that is also known as Great hall of Smithills is another place that attracts the attention of tourists. The place or building is very old because it was contrasted in 14th century. The great foot of George march is also present in this building.

The hall wood museum is one of the best places for the people who want to see Bolton. This building is similar to the above buildings but it is changed into a museum by the government. The park of Victorian queen is also present in this city. The Bolton is famous because of numerous historical places and buildings. No doubt this city is actually a town of Manchester but it has great importance for the tourists and for the people residents of this city.