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Bolton University

Bolton University

Bolton University

Bolton University is located in the Manchester, England. This university is among the biggest universities in England having more than 14,000 students.

The academic and administrative staff of the Bolton University is around 700 professionals. The 70 % students of the Bolton University belong to Bolton and its surroundings. The Bolton education commission was formed in 1982. In fact there were two different educational institutes or colleges that were merged to form the Bolton higher education commission.

These institutes were Bolton College of education and Bolton institute of technology. So the Bolton University itself is a combination of two institutes. In 1992 the Bolton University was granted the right to announce and offer degrees. In the same year the Bolton University started various programs and courses with the help of its partner colleges and institutes. However, the research degrees were allowed in this university in 1995. So the Bolton University started to grant research degrees just after 3 years of affiliation.

The areas in the vicinity of the Bolton were lacking a great institute or academic place for the students of this city. To remove this issue the idea of Bolton University was presented. No doubt there were many small colleges and institutes in the Bolton but the students were demanding for an international level institute or university where they can complete their studies in any field.

With the passage of time the Bolton University grew with a great pace. Because of the best progress and working the Bolton University was ranked as a university in 2004. It was given university status but there are many titles of this university. As you know the Bolton University is a combination of two colleges or institutes so it is either called Bolton University of technology or Bolton University. There are some other titles of this university such as Bolton Institute University. The name of this university was approved in 2005 and “Bolton University” was the approved name of this university.

Nowadays the Bolton University is popular to provide high quality educational and academic services to the students. The university is considered the best university in the Manchester. Because of the increasing population of Manchester the Bolton University was an important demand. The university now a day is providing special services to promote the modern knowledge and academic information to the students in hundreds of courses and disciplines important for the today’s time.

Top ten american Universities

The United States is one of the main places in the world to study and improve school readiness. Let’s have a look at the top ten american university.

Princeton University. This university is a private institution based in the nice city of Princeton, N.J. . It is the first one in the United States to offer a “no loan” policy for its students. What it does mean? Instead of proposing a loan, the institution give grants for students who are in the need of obtaining money to pay tuition. It is also famous for its agreement with Pirelli Foundation in order to promote scientific and humanistic research.

Harvard University. It is a private institution based in Cambridge, Massachussets. It is the oldest school institution in the world. Even if it is a famous university, it is really open to everyone, as students who come from families with low incomes can attend for free.

Stanford University. Institution famous in the world both for its research and teaching center, one of the best in the world, and for the fact that here studied, among the others, Larry Page and Sergei Brin (founder of Google) and Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook).

Columbia University. It is mainly a research center as only one third of its 26,000 students are undergraduated. Sitatued in upper Manhattan, from here is possible to go quickly in the New York city centre.

Dartmouth College, one of the smallest universities in this list. Thanks to that, students can enjoy a feeling like nowhere else.

University of Chicago. Just nearby Hyde Park in Chicago, it host from several years the Chicago Scavenger Hunt.

Massachussets Institute of Technology, also known as MIT, is one of the best universities in the world (if not the best one) to study math, science and engeneering.

Brown University, one of the biggest university in the United States for undergraduated. It has more than 70 study programs to choose from.

Georgetown University, the oldest Catholic university in the country, it is specialized to give students internship opportunities.

University of California, just five minutes far from Pacific Ocean, has more than 3,000 courses to choose from.